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10 Best Pop Filters for Vocals


Looking for the best pop filter? or wanting to know if windscreens work as pop filters and their differences? You’re in the right place. In this post, we will take you through all the nitty-gritty about these simple tools. First off;

What is a microphone pop filter?

Put in layman’s words, a microphone pop filter is that circular unit positioned between the singer and a microphone. In most instances, it is held on the same stand as the microphone and has a gooseneck.

About the shape, most brands are trying out new styles with others adding a twist of elegance and functionality, for instance, Blue Yeti Pop Filter, which has a superb new look. However, microphone pop filters being vital most beginners tend to assume them.

However, successful musicians say that pop filters are a must have for anyone who want to make their recording stand out.

What does a pop filter do?

Just as the name suggests, a microphone pop shield sieves out the unwanted signals before reaching the microphone. It does this by minimizing the speed of air as it hits the mic diaphragm. This air stress may be as a result of the use of consonants P and B (also called plosives).

Pop screens work by easing the air movements which results to crisp and clear sounds as you sing or talk. Again, these mic filters also capture your corrosive saliva before going into the mic. You see, you not only get clean vocal recordings but also prolong your studio microphone’s life.

That’s it, folks. Are you hunting for the best pop shield but don’t know where to start? Join us as we take you through our collection of some of the best microphone pop filters for voice over, speech and vocals in  2018.

Best Pop Filters for Vocals

1. Auphonix 6’’ Pop Filter

For Blue Yeti – Ideal for Square/Rectangular Boom Stands

Auphonix 6’’ Pop Filter

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Are you’re just starting with your Blue Yeti microphone and don’t know what pop filter to use?

 Well, luck is on your side. Auphonix Pop Filter is designed purposely for the Blue Yeti. Like Dragonpad above, Auphonix also hails from the USA.

One reason why you need to trust this brand is that it specializes exclusively in pop filters. Whether you want a pop filter for microphone stands, mini tripod, or radius shock mount, you now know where to turn.

Performance and ease of use

Auphonix Pop Filter for Blue Yeti is a model with a 6’’ diameter filter. However, there’s also a 4’’ unit in case you want a pop filter you can use on the go. The major stand-out feature with the Auphonix 6’’ for Yeti is its versatility. Unlike most of its competitors, this one clamps on both tubular microphone stands and square booms. Its tightening system is designed such that it holds firmly onto your mic’s arm. Worth mentioning, it does this without causing any harm. Moreover, you can also clamp it on your desks and any other USB microphone.


About performance, Auphonix 6’’ uses a double-mesh filter. This is a great way to get distortion-free recordings without messing with the quality of your projects.

An almost 5-star rating is enough evidence that Auphonix is such a darling to its users. What its users like is that it clamps easily and securely.

2. Stedman Proscreen XL

Patented Material

Stedman Proscreen XL

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Stedman Proscreen XL is another highly priced (for a reason) mic screen doing quite well on the market. Stedman Corporation is also an American brand that designs and makes all its products in the USA.

Stedman is known not only for its pop filters but headphone hangers and music clips too.

Performance and ease of use

When it comes to recording, Stedman Proscreen XL knows how to do it better.

 At over 50 dollars, this filter is quite pricey. However, it pays for itself in its rugged metallic design. Rather than having a fabric stretched over a plastic thing, you get a 6’’ metallic windscreen firmly spread across a metallic frame.

 That’s not all. Stedman has gone the extra mile to finish it with a top-notch and durable powder. This not only gives it its classical look but also makes cleaning super easy. You understand how ‘clogged’ the pores may be especially if the mic is used all day by different people? Well, you need a filter that you can wipe easily without altering its next recording session.

Even better, the holes have a unique downward-facing design that works like a charm in eliminating the consonant P and B explosions. That’s its secret.


It’s not surprising that its reviews page on Amazon is full of praises. Its stiff yet flexible goose neck and the overall metallic design are some of the features that its customers point out at.

3. Nady Mpf-6 6’’ Clamp-On Mic Pop Filter

Flexible Neck, Metal Stabilizing Arm

Nady Mpf-6 6’’ Clamp-On Mic Pop Filter

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For over 4 decades now, Nady has been in the forefront in designing noise reduction accessories for wireless microphones. In fact, its CEO and Founder, John Nady contributed the first idea on this complex issue.

Nady Systems is a respected brand when it comes to microphones and pop shields. One more thing that sets Nady’s music accessories a few steps ahead of the competition is the fact that they are made by musicians for other musicians. So, what do you expect?

Performance and ease of use

Nady pop filter features a well thought out design in its filter, flexible arm, and microphone stand clamp. Well, all these are common with other models. But not the great focus on flexibility and convenience.

First, the filter itself is attached to the gooseneck via a swivel amount. As such, you can easily optimize its positioning 3600 without straining the neck so much. Again, the package ships with a boom and mic stand clamp. These 2 allow you to set it up easily with almost any microphone and in different applications.


Most of its users are happy with its performance and flexibility. Only a few report a flimsy gooseneck.

4. Dragonpad USA Pop Filter

Studio Mic Windshield

Dragonpad USA Pop Filter

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What’s better than starting off with the pop filter that carries the ‘best-seller’ tag on Amazon today?

Dragonpad is an American brand located in New York. It has an amazing collection of some good performing microphones, mic stands, and mounts, and, course, microphone pop screens.

Dragonpad USA pop filter is amongst the best units that you’ll come across if you’re in need of a great pop filter under $10. This filter has a screen diameter of 6’’.

The windscreen itself is made of fabric and does an amazing job in catching spit off from overly ambitious performers. The ‘rather’ thick but highly functional screen also edges out the competition by how good it sieves out the P and B bursts. Moving over to its neck, it measures 13, ’’ and it’s highly flexible. Again, it comes in 7 color designs. So, don’t forget to specify your choice.


Most of its users seem jazzed by its performance. However, Dragonpad won’t give you a walk in the park if you’re using a Yeti mic. You’ll have to be creative on how to mount it. Don’t worry though. Our next option has got the Blue Yeti mic users covered.

5. Blue Yeti Pop Filter

Best Pop Filter for Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti Pop Filter

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Whether you’re an experienced studio artist or an ambitious beginner, it’s possible that you’ve heard of Blue Microphones.

This is the giant brand behind Yeti- probably the most popular and the industry standard microphone.

Blue is headquartered in Westlake, California. Established in 1995, this is a renowned brand with high-end microphones, headphones, signal processors and other music accessories.

Performance and ease of use

Unlike its competitors, Blue the Pop has a wire mesh grill. Its stylish rectangular shape is quite a step up from the norm and gives your studio an appealing and vintage look. Blue the Pop features an all-metallic design. This plays 2 important roles; saving it from rough performers and making it easy to move around with.


One of its great pros is that it has been redesigned to prevent causing scratches. Again, its arm is strong and quite flexible. On the other side, this unit is highly priced at over 40 bucks. As such, any minute glitch isn’t to be taken easily. For instance, the weight of the metallic shield is a bit heavy for the arm. Consequently, you’ll need to figure out a way to prevent it from regular droops. All in all, Blue the Top is worth the shot if you have some dollars to spend.

6. Pemotech Metal Mesh Pop Filter

For 45 – 68 mm Mics

Pemotech Metal Mesh Pop Filter

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Pemotech, a hitter in electronics accessories, is known for providing its customers with travel-solution accessories.

This brand has lots of goodies in mobile phone department including battery chargers, phone cases, and travel pouch.

Besides that, Pemotech also has its way in music production studios. Its microphone pop filters, for instance, the Pemotech Metal Mesh are not only practically priced but excellent performers.

Performance and ease of use

Pemotech has several standout features that guarantee you an easy life in your studio. Firstly, are you irritated by uncomfortably loose goose necks that will do everything else but keep the filter in position? Those arms that you won’t bang your desks without having to readjust them into place…?

Pemotech has no use for them in its design. This one features a system of elastic bands and rings that mount the pop filter onto your mic. Needless to mention, this eradicates all the hassles of determining the best position to clamp your pop screen. Again, this pop filter can be used on about any microphone and is easy to carry too.


Amongst other features, most of its users like its 2-layer filter design. They also appreciate its decent design and ease of adjustability.

7. Neewer Pop Filter

Best For Heavy Breathers

Neewer Pop Filter

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Established in 2006, Neewer is a vibrant brand in the field of photography and film with almost everything that you would require in this department.

From camera batteries to remotes and filters, Neewer has something for anyone regardless of their level of experience.

 In its extensive catalog, musicians also benefit from one of the most affordable microphone pop filters, the Neewer NW (B-3).

Performance and ease of use

Neewer is an effective pop screen that costs slightly above the 5 dollar mark. However, despite its low price, it still gets the job done with its clean and clear audios. The filter is a foam material that works nicely for the heavy breathers.

This material is good in minimizing almost all pops and crackles before being transmitted into your records. Its clamping system allows you to mount the pop screen comfortably on mic stands and desks.


Neewer NW (B-3) has astonished its users with its performance considering its low price. Most of its users report a huge difference after they brought it on board. However, a few of them state that they had problems finding the ideal location for the neck.

8. Sterling Audio STPF2 Pop Filter

Double Layer Filter, Strong Arm, Extra Large Mounting Bracket

Sterling Audio STPF2 Pop Filter

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Sterling Audio is known for its great attention to sound audio and precision.

That’s where the Sterling Audio STPF2 comes into play. Amongst its other respected products are its ST55 mics featuring Disk Resonator Technology, headphone amplifiers, and phantom power supply boxes

Performance and ease of use

‘’It’s a great product that does as it’s described.’’ This is a summary of what those who’ve used this pop screen have to say. STPF2 pop filter is a professionally designed unit featuring a 6’’ (in diameter) filtration area. This filter features a double layer of transparent nylon mesh. The essence of this is to offer greater dissipation of the P and B plosives. Again, this filtration material has a good stretch on it with no wrinkles.

It also includes a 13-inch gooseneck that offers enough support to the filter head. Worth noting, we didn’t find any complaints about drooping or need for regular adjustment of the flexible neck. On the other end, this gooseneck connects to an extra large mounting bracket that will mount onto almost any microphone stand.


The general sentiment of the users is that Sterling Audio STPF2 is a strong hardware that works as expected. Most of them appreciate its strong arm that stays in place throughout the session and the double layer nylon mesh that eliminates almost all pops. You may also want to consider the Sterling Audio UMS Shield if you want a step up from the design.

9. Musician's Gear Double Pop Filter 6"

Professional Filtration Design

Musician's Gear Double Pop Filter 6'

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Musician’s Gear requires a standing ovation from all other microphone pop filters due to its design.

Musician’s Gear seems to have been so concerned about the general performance of this pop shield. This requires a second mention given that most brands don’t give much attention to innovation.

Performance and ease of use

Musician’s Gear stacks up to the competition by employing quite an interesting tactic of removing the unwanted consonant plosives.

Its filter consists of 2 blocker screens separated by open space. The first screen minimizes the velocity of the air with the plosive consonants. The air then reaches the open space where it’s further dispersed. Any remaining pops and crackers are further filtered.


In a nutshell, its previous users appreciate the double-layer filtration mechanism. Most of them state that it does a good job in blocking the wind. However, a considerable percentage has had some bad experiences with the arm. It does not stay in place, and the mounting bracket keeps on slipping.

10. Pauly Ton Pauly Superscreen 1

Pauly Ton Pauly Superscreen 1

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How much can you spend on a pop filter? So far, we’ve seen microphone pop shields across all price ranges. Some are dirt cheap at way below 10 bucks while others go for as high as 50 bucks.

Well, that’s too much for a mic screen considering that the 10-dollar unit still does the magic. However, the 50-dollar pop filter is nothing compared to the Pauly Ton Superscreen 1.

If you’ve feel that you’ve saved enough to spend on this unit, try Pauly Ton. Its price ranks slightly above the 250-dollar mark and still has some buyers. The question is, is it worth the fortune?

Performance and ease of use

Apparently, this Germany-made pop blocker has been crafted from premium materials. It features a double-filter layer of super thin fabrics. The placement of the soft and diffuse fabrics features a suitable acoustic distance that results to exceptionally clean recording results. Its perforated ring is aluminum and also has a role in the acoustic benefits. Pauly Ton also has a flexible and solid neck which holds the filter in position. The mounting bracket has also been designed to work on various stands and surfaces.


Pauly Ton has only one verified reviewer on Amazon who states that there is a significant difference between this filter and others. On other sites, other buyers report that performance and durability are Pauly Ton’s strong points.

What should you consider when choosing a Pop Filter?

If you want to pick the best microphone pop filters, here are the factors that you must consider

The mesh material

It’s not every pop filter you find in the market that you qualify as one of the best popular filters. Today, most manufacturers have tried different materials to achieve this. Most brands today use nylon and other fabric materials. Besides being inexpensive, these materials make the pop shield somehow light for the flexible neck. On the other hand, some manufacturers prefer perforated metal. These models are the most common. Do simple research about the material used by the studios in your hood. The odds are that they utilize perforated metallic filters.

However, you need not kill yourself on this since either will still get the job done. On this note too, if you record groups of people who are likely to produce unpleasant audio artifacts due to regular sharp bursts, you should consider going for a unit with a double layer of filters. This is efficient in eliminating or reducing ‘’splosions.’’

Screen size and shape

Does the shape of the filter matter? Not really. Most mic pop filters take a circular shape. However, you’ll still find others with a curved rectangular shape. What matters is that the shield should dissipate the air velocity efficiently and timely. About the size, most of these accessories utilize a 6-inch standard diameter.

The thing with this size is that it allows the singer some freedom of movement. This helps in creating inspiration and confidence. On the other hand, some units have slightly smaller pop filters. These are perfect for a home-based studio with limited space. They are ideal for desktop microphones. This takes us to our next point…

Mounting mechanism and compatibility

The mode of mounting and tightening is another important feature that you need to put into consideration. Usually, this depends on whether you intend to use it with a stand-mounted or desktop microphone. Either way, it should have the right mechanism to hold it firmly and without much hassle.

Of most importance, the technique used should support different stands. The best mic filter could last you several decades. It’s very likely that you’ll have changed your mic stands severally during this time. As such, you don’t want to buy a new pop shield with each stand. A model that clamps onto different stands will save you from these worries. In addition, the mechanism should also hold the filter firmly. It should also be easy to clamp onto and out of the stand or desk without the risk of damaging either the filter or your mic.

A flexible gooseneck

Another feature that requires your attention is the gooseneck. Here, you need to consider its quality and the flexibility. A flexible gooseneck makes it easy to maneuver the pop filter in the desired positions. This shouldn’t be hard to do. However, the gooseneck shouldn’t be so loose so that it requires constant adjustment.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a podcaster, gamer, YouTuber, or musician, you need a microphone with a pop filter for clear and undistorted sounds. The best microphone pop filters help in recording true human voices. The differences in price shouldn’t be of great concern. All that matters is a filter that blocks the pop sounds and with an arm that stays in its location with no need for regular adjustments.