best budget studio monitors


6 Best Budget Studio Monitors


A pair of one of the best studio monitors is one of the most important pieces of recording gear in any music recording studio. They are the definition of “truth and accuracy” as they don’t color the sound. If your recording is sounding great on studio monitor speakers, it should sound good through any speakers.

Producing music involves mixing different instruments and other effects to come up with an ambitious album. Meaningful mixing requires monitors that you can control various aspects of the sound like the EQ frequencies and effects. It is therefore not recommended for any serious producer to use ordinary computer speakers, however powerful they may be.

When it comes to pricing studio monitors can be expensive. Some like the Adam Audio A7X 3-Way Active Studio Monitor cost over $2500. If you don’t have this much to spend, we have identified some of the best cheap studio monitors which we believe are up to the task.

6 Best Cheap Studio Monitors Speakers

1. KRK Rokit RP5 G4 Powered Studio Monitor

KRK Rokit RP5 G4 Powered Studio Monitor

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When you’re looking to outfit your studio space with the best budget monitors, it’s hard to beat KRK Rokit 5 G4 monitors. These professional-grade speakers were made for high performance in a variety of situations – from mastering and mixing audio at home studios all the way up to postproduction work on major motion pictures.

The Rokit 5 is a high-quality speaker with features that make it perfect for any studio. The 5 inch driver and 1 inch kevlar dome tweeter are optimal for delivering a balanced sound, while the front firing port enhances low frequencies. Other sophisticated features include brick wall limiter to protect against extreme levels of volume.

Another useful aspect of this monitor is its broad connectivity options. Its connections include 1/4 inch jack, RCA, and XLR. The onboard EQ with a visual screen ensures that your ears never get fatigued during long hours of working on mixes in tight-sounding rooms. To add to this feature, it is very portable. It weighs approximately 5.9 Kgs which is considerably lightweight.


  • It is a lightweight monitor
  • Has good connectivity with different audio inputs
  • Has clear and excellent sound
  • Creates good recording ambiance


  • High levels of volumes can push it to distortions

2. JBL 305P MkII Professional Studio Monitor

JBL 305P MkII Professional Studio Monitor

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If you need the best speakers for your recording environment, JBL 305P MkII is the monitor to look for. It gives you such excellent sound reproduction that even the tiny details of the recording can be heard without strain.

The JBL LSR4328P studio monitor has a variety of great features that make it stand out from the rest. One of its most impressive features is its patented Image Control Waveguide, which increases your sound stage and allows you to have an optimal listening experience no matter where in your space you are sitting or standing. This gives the ability to hear the different aspects of the recordings critically. You can, therefore, control the way the sounds are being mixed to give you satisfying audio output.

Despite having very advanced music production features, this monitor is very affordable. In fact, it is among the cheapest monitors for the studio on the markets. This combination of quality performance and affordability is one of the reasons why it cut through our picks for this cluster.


  • Gives quality and convenient recording ambiance
  • It easily connects to many audio inputs
  • Delivers surprisingly deep bass and good clarity
  • Very affordable


  • The plastic finish on the speaker is a magnet for dust, fingerprints, and scratches

3. Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

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The HS-5s are the smallest entry in the Yamaha series and offer 1″ tweeters, 5″ woofer, room controls for accurate sound reproduction to match your space’s acoustics or an aesthetic preference while mixing. They have a high trim response control that helps balance out any high frequencies as well as switchable EQ options on either speaker with a variety of presets available.

The HS5’s have 45W LF and 25W Bi Amp which gives 75 W in total, ample power for recording or mixing. The improved transducers on the HS series have increased accuracy, while Yamaha’s noise reduction technology ensures clear sound quality with no interference.

When music equipment is mentioned, most likely Yamaha is the company that will most likely come to mind. This is due to the company’s continued production of superior and genuine products. The company produces a variety of audio devices that are compatible with each other. This means despite being served with unmatched confidence when buying this product; you are assured that the monitor will be compatible with a variety of audio inputs.


  • Has effective room control ability through noise reduction
  • The amps are very effective in moderating the sound from the tweeters and the woofer
  • Compatible with wide range of audio devices
  • Incorporates high level technology in music production
  • Gives a powerful and clear sound


  • Can be pushed to distortion in case of very high volumes

4. IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors

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Budget studio monitors don’t have to be large in order to produce a great sound. The IK Multimedia iLoud Micro speakers prove that, producing an accurate and clear sound from its tiny 3″ driver. We particularly liked the room-correcting EQ features at the back of these little units as well which help if your location has any issues, as they can adjust for all types of environments quite easily!

Try not to judge these little speakers by their size. You might be thinking that with such a small size speaker they wouldn’t offer good sound, but you will be surprised! These little boomboxes deliver a great frequency response of 45Hz – 22kHz and EQ options for further tuning so no need to worry about muddy bass sounds.

If you’re on a budget, these should be your top priority. They work well as secondary speakers and will get the job done in any small space or studio that is lacking room for larger monitors.


  • Very affordable
  • Has sound control feature which is very responsive and effective
  • Gives powerful and clear sound
  • Bluetooth Integrated
  • It is a lightweight monitor


  • Only has RCA/mini jack inputs

5. Presonus Eris E3.5

Presonus Eris E3.5

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These studio monitors from PreSonus are the best at under $100 a pair! The 3.5 inch Kevlar drivers handle low frequencies while the 1-inch silk dome handles highs, producing a sound that is balanced and clear at any volume level. Their frequency response goes up to 20 kHz so you never miss a high frequency again.

The controls on the front of these studio monitors make it easy to maneuver. You’ll find the power switch, volume knob, and plug jacks for aux input and headphone output all within quick access. Additional RCA or TRS inputs allow more flexibility when connecting them with your line-level source as well. These are great if you’re looking for a pair of professional quality speakers that can handle anything – even those high frequencies in need of repair!

If you want to be the master of your own sound, this set will make it possible. The speakers allow for full control and they come with all features a high-end speaker would offer. They’re not the cheapest on this list but they are worth the money!


  • Easily connectable to wide range of inputs and outputs with the 3.5 mm jack port
  • It has a physical point to turn it on and off
  • It is made of classic and durable material
  • Employs the use of remote control for easy control of the sounds and recording
  • Has sound reduction ability hence providing a good recording ambiance


  • Cannot connect to devices not using the 3.55 mm jack or the standard RCA connection

6. Event 20/20BAS Monitor

Event 20/20BAS Monitor

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The last thing you want in your studio work is distortion. Given that this is a monitor with a powerful sound of up to 120W, there may be presence of destructive noises and feedbacks which is not is not conducive in the studio setup.

This monitor gives you undistorted and clear sound. This is due to the presence of bi-amps and to create a more extensive headroom for minimizing distortion. It also has a tweeter sieve the sound giving your clarity.

The Manufacturing Company has a record of producing quality studio monitors. This is due to their continued advancement and user-friendly designs when it comes to their products.

This means you have enough trust in the history of the parent’s company products. You are able to experience a personalized taste of the monitor output. It is designed to allow adjustment of the frequencies to give a user a convenient sound. In addition to this, it is well optimized to provide you (the user) with a high-level imaging ability.

It is only fair to describe this monitor as one of the best professional music maker’s choice for the studio. This is because it is very famous and is used in many studios by professionals. This widespread acceptance can be attributed to its ability to give a noise-free output, lightweight nature and very affordable.


  • Supports wide range of inputs hence easily compatible with different systems for configurations
  • It has tight bass and clear sound output
  • Has padded foam to prevent vibrations due to contact with the monitor and the surface
  • Allows professional mastering and mixing of musical records
  • Has a high level of imaging and good position at studio


  • Doesn’t support some types of drivers


The link between good music and the type of monitor used during production is undeniable. There is no excuse for bad quality monitoring especially if you are doing commercial music. You can’t run away from investing in good studio speakers.

In light of a strained budget, your choice of monitors is also restricted. This budget strain usually happens to beginners in music production, but that should be the least of your worries. We have gathered the details and features of some of the cheap monitors for studio for you. Hoopefully we’ve made it easier for you to select a monitor that best fits your requirement even with a bottle-necked budget.